Take Cold Showers Daily

Some people can’t start their day until they’ve stripped down and gotten into a hot shower. There are also those who prefer their daily cleansing ritual after a long day of work when they’ve sweat and toiled. Both of those people feel like the hot nozzle cleanses their mind and spirit. I’m sure that this is just one of those comfort things we pursue in leisure to make life more pleasant. I mean admit it! When you get into the shower it feels so good letting that hot love run over your body that you probably slowly turn the heat up like your in a giant stand up jacuzzi until the ecstasy makes it almost impossible to pull yourself away?
So why in the hell would you trade your beautiful tropical morning paradise for frigid sub-arctic tundra? I’ll tell you why because our humble and passive motivation has aimed toward seeking total pleasantry and made us more obsessed with our own suburban security and status quo that we’ve lost sight of what life is really about: suffering. The cold shower teaches us that sometimes we need to put ourselves into uncomfortable situations and stray from the middle path.
Your outlook changes when you get up in the morning and you step into the shower and crank that thing all the way to the coldest setting possible. You are basically saying, “Alright I’m going to put myself into a very uncomfortable situation,” and then you do it you are setting a precedence for the rest of your day. You teach yourself to get in the habit of taking yourself out of your comfort zone. When you stand there in the freezing morning, wet, shivering with your teeth clattering together your experiencing life.

How to take a cold shower:

1. Strip down naked.
2. Turn on warm heat.
3. Get into shower
4. Slowly turn the shower to cold.
5. Scream! (this makes the experience easier)

note: I like to pretend the shower is trying to torture me so I challenge it and say things like: “Is that all you’ve got you fucking pussy! Bring it! I’m the mother fucking Ice-man!”. It helps

There are Benefits:
Sure there are some benefits but thats not whats important, whats important is that it totally sucks. You have to put yourself into that shitty situation to teach your brain that “Hey I put myself into this I can put myself into another shitty situation.” Lets say you come across some rapist raping a woman. You can realize that this is just another of life’s cold water scenarios and you can step in and batman the hell out of the rapist.

There are people who take cold showers who say things like “Oh it’s so refreshing.” What they are doing is trying to fool themselves into thinking its pleasant. Your putting yourself in a situation that you could literally die from. I mean as you stand there shivering after a while you begin to feel this warmth come over you. What that is is your body redirecting blood from your extremities to your vital organs. Your body is saying, “Oh shit, we can live without some limbs lets protect the heart and stuff.
In conclusion taking cold showers is only one step toward become a super badass.

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