Everybody is a Monkey


There are times when I feel estranged from the human species.  It almost feels like I am an outsider looking in on this strange animal with their weird customs and conventions.  I think at their core everybody has their own struggle with the human species and we all deal with each other in our own way.   A way to make the human species a little more benign is to remind yourself that these are just monkeys (or apes).  This animal that we stress so much of our importance on is just an animal like any other on this planet.   This has been such a helpful mindset for me and I will give you a couple of ways to examine this strange animal in a new light.

The hand is a reminder

We are monkeys (or apes) because we share enumerable physiological characteristics with a multitude of other animals.  We call those animals ‘primates’.  Not just one or two characteristics but a myriad of morphological traits.  For me the simplest little daily reminder of my connection with the primate order is to look down at my hand.  I flex it, open and close it and watch the fingers grasp and release.  I like to oppose each finger to my thumb and say to myself ‘opposable thumb.’ It’s something all primates have in common and perhaps a chimp somewhere is marveling of his same magnificent biological structure.

note: even fingernails are something that all primates share.  

The Eyes are the Window to the Monkey Mind

Another trait that primates share is a highly adapted set of eyes which face forward.  It’s like when god was making the animals the primates got smushed up against the side of the glass and now their eyes always face forward.  This was a highly adaptable trait for spying the best branch to swing from but now it allows us to do things like keep an eye on the road while driving, stare at computer screens for hours a day and even wear glasses.

Dental Arcade

The dental arcade is not some crazy place that Dentists go to play video games a dental arcade is the kinds of teeth you have adapted and the way they are structured in the mouth.  If you section the mouth into quadrants the primate dental arcade would go like this:

2 incisors

1 canine

2 premolars

3 molars

(With the exception of new world primates)

Auditory Meatus

This thing is not really that sexy.  It just sounds sexy.  It’s pretty much a bony ear tube.

So the next time that your stressing out about a pretty person you would like to approach just remind yourself. “They are only a monkey,” or when you your boss is yelling at you to work harder you can just think to yourself, “your not high and mighty, your just a monkey.”

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