Giving Thanks in the Season of Family Values

     I remember Thanksgivings where there was a delineation between the adults and the children. One knew ones position in the pecking order through an eating arrangement consisting of  an adult table and a childs table.  Now I’m getting older, its been a long time since I was initiated to the adult table yet I sit longing to sit at the child’s table once again.

The Adult Table:  

      Here at the adult table we have to face our own humanity from the faces of our kin.  Our loved ones reflect a version of ourselves back to us.   These people who were our ambassadors to the world, were the fist to conquer forth a path for us are beginning to wither into old age.  If you take the time to question your elders they can open up to you the history of their ancestors.  Spirits of the dead can live in the faces of those who loved them.

The Kids Table

    Laughing with cousins and siblings youth still enlivens this day with the spirit of childhood.  It haunts the kid table like a breathing phantom  The young enrich the feast with their rapacious lust for new life and passions to be satiated.  They are more invincible than the aging family members.

  However in this conventional American holiday there can be a few wild cards which cause a little disturbance in the familial equilibrium. These are called Thanksgiving Oddities:

  • Sometimes when you reveal to your grandmother you have a tattoo she will be totally cool with it. If she is Armenian American she will most likely make some sort of fuss about it.
  • Often piercings don’t sit well with more traditional family members.  To avoid a miserable scolding during the meal I suggest you remove them.
  • Those of us who are introducing a new boyfriend or girlfriend to the family members realize that this signifies a gravity to the relationship.
  • A family member will eventually huddle everyone together for three minutes of uncomfortable smiling while he/she try’s to figure out the camera.
  • Elders can find something comparing today to the old todays.

  Thanksgiving has its own allure with a sort of historical mythology which legitimizes it.  Nobody except historians really know what took place on the holiday season.  The rest of us are just satisfied enough with watching the national geographic documentary on it while we go into Turkey hibernation on the sofa.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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