Leave Nothing for the Devil: On The Giants of Society

In my youth I once gazed at the starry eyed potential of aspiring giants: My peers. Yet as time wound them down I watch as they slipped into lives of alacrity. I believed so fervently in their greatness because I had seen living potential in real human beings. As I grow older now I watch them become lackluster and droll as any other middle class corporate slave. I still do not understand the strange phenomenon that has become a definitive fact: people give up on their dreams (or their dreams begin to look like everyone else’). True to say that it is far easier to dance to the beat of the 9-5 galley drum than to follow that divine spark of inspiration within. The paycheck is a sure thing while the dream is just this blurry vision in mind space. The word artist has always been coupled with the word starving and that frightens most people. Some instinct for comfort and security overrides their inner artist and when you’ve given up on him there are plenty ready pay you to help them to achieve dreams of their own. Yet there are those crazy few who think they have what it takes to change the world. Crazy people change the world because you HAVE to be crazy to think you can change the world.
The giants stepped out on society of their own free will and accord. They decided to play their own way and in order for all of us to catch up to their level the game literally had to change. However this greatness comes at a huge cost. Where the wage worker gets to go home after an 8 hour day the giant has no such relief from his work. Work becomes a phantom that haunts your memories, keeps you up at night obsessing over it. The giants life becomes work itself and they give it all so when hell comes to take them there is nothing left for the devil. Because of giants of society huge leaps forward are made in technology, art, scientific discovery and so many other facets of human life. There are few things that these people do:
-They realize that there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you are working towards something magnificent. It is like climbing a mountain, the harder you push yourself the easier it becomes to get to the top. Each skill you master inevitably leads you towards that grand goal.
– They have incredible vision and they are able to think completely creatively in a way that most people can’t even fathom. In this way they are radical. Nothing ever great came from thinking “realistically.” Before the Wright Brothers nobody had ever flown. If they had to think “realistically” there would be no aviation today.

There is no reason that any person could not become a Giant. My biggest fear is complacency. Complacency is the root killer of all greatness. The day I resolve to turn in my work boots for a cold beer and football I’ll know I’m a deadman. Leave none for the devil.

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