How to Steal Yourself From Your Boss: Part 2

Somewhere along the way you had stopped listening to your inner calling.  Don’t feel bad.  It is hard to follow such a voice when it is drowned out by the rigid institutions of society (School, Television, The Government, Mom and Dad).  Many people don’t trust that voice and it eventually becomes so quiet that they begin to align their new dreams with the cookie cutter dreams society has prepackaged for them (have a family, get a good job, mortgage a house, get a nice car.)  The reason society does this is because the rich need complacent work slaves to fill their cubicles.

  “If you aren’t making your own dreams come true than you will be used to make someone else’ dreams come true.”

But now you’ve realized that whole system is a sham.  Well you can take a few moments to stamp your foot and punch the wall, I’ll let you only take a moment but only a moment because now you have some serious work to do now.

 Work: An extension of play as a child.  It is where you are creative and build something that is a direct extension of your vocation (inner calling).

Job:  A system that came about during the industrial revolution whereby the middle class is forced to sell their labor in order to subsist in society.

Well your stuck in the monotony of the grind.  You have a mortgage, car payments and kids you can’t just leave all of that behind. However you realize that you have to follow your dreams and your passion. I am going to show you how you can begin slowly reworking your vocation into your daily work schedule and emancipating time from your boss to yourself.


Your not a master yet.  Otherwise you would be able to dodge out of your job and instantly have people paying you for whatever it is you want to be doing.  This apprenticeship will allow you to learn your craft and refine your technique so that eventually you can call it quits on the man.  Yet being constrained by an industrialized work schedule (9 to 5) debilitates the time it takes for your apprenticeship. 8 hours a day belongs to your boss’ needs.  These following techniques will help you slowly chisel away at the 8 hour day to take off as much of it as you need for yourself.


Your no longer climbing the corporate ladder however you can’t just jump off or you’ll hurt yourself.  Your not a star employee anymore you an escape artist hatching  a plan.  Half ass everything you do, cut corners and I mean cut them dry.  Your only getting enough done not to get fired.  This will allow you to focus more energy towards skill acquisition of your craft.


Treat this device as a prosthetic brain.  It hides perfectly in your pocket and when the boss is away it slips out undetected.  At the touch of your finger you have access to a wealth of information on the skill you wish to obtain.  Get yourself absorbed in something related to your craft.  Buy a book on the subject you are trying to learn and read it all the way through. If you have never read an entire book on your phone there are plenty of apps which allow you to buy books:  Ibooks and amazon.


Daydreaming is the ultimate form of mental rehearsal that can train your brain to think creatively.  You can plan experiments, rework your strategy and even imagine you have already succeeded and mastered your skill.  You have to be able  to access your ability to imagine in a way that somewhat replicates your craft in action in your brain.  Imagine sitting in front of your easel or behind the wheel of your race car.  Feel it as if it is really happening.  This triggers the creative response in your brain and the more you harness it the more great ideas will come flooding your way.

Find some way to practice your skill at work.  Draw up blueprints on company paper, bring your sheet music to work or bring flashcards to help you hone in your mind power.   If your a dancer go to the bathroom and practice your dance moves, or if you have an office do steps while you are sitting at your desk.  If you are an artist bring your art to work or patent your invention on the company computer.


Breaks give you freedom to do whatever you want without having to hide it from the boss.  It is imperative that you optimize the breaks that you take towards your skill in order to get the best result.  Bring your guitar to work and play on break or find a gym and get in a fifteen minute quick set.

Have a schedule set for yourself everyday with a few goals to work towards.  This method is about orienting your time in a way which allows you to methodically work at your craft. Eventually as you keep at it you will have chiseled away so much company time towards your craft that you can say goodbye to the cubicle and begin mastering your craft full time.


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