Dog’s Have the Ability to Share Dreams : The Strange Case of Doggie Inception


Without the ability to converse in human language we are forced to use different methods of communicating with our pet dogs.

A treat means: “job well done

A rolled up newspaper means :”Stop eating out of the cat box.”
  note: Dogs are pack animals.  In the wild they rely on a strong sense of togetherness.  Hunting for wild canines requires a level of communication. The pack mentality is  a sort of mind melding.  In order for the group to work together they rely on solidarity to bring down game.  

 A strange Canine induced phenomenon IMG_0247

My little half Schnauzer half Cairn Terrier, Charlies, pushes through the door of my room and starts wagging his tail.  At this time of night I am up on my bed on my computer typing away frantically at some dubious email.

He walks over to the side of the bed and starts wagging his tail frantically.

I give him a quick pat on the head and get back to my work.  He doesn’t leave.  Instead he gets up on my bed and pushes his way onto my lap.  This is basically his way of saying, “Hey buddy I just wanted to show you some affection, I can use a little myself right now as well.”

I could tell he was having sort of an emotional crisis too because he literally sat up on my lap.

“Whats wrong buddy?” I said.

He immediately started to lick my face.

“Alright, alright,” I said and pushed him off slightly.

I didn’t know what was on his mind, I wish I could hear his problems and communicate some kind words to him.  His issue could have been anything; maybe his stomach was upset or the cat in the backyard made him feel uneasy this morning.  Or maybe he was just suffering from general doggie depression.

I put the computer aside and started to pet him.  He nuzzled up putting his snout on my chest and he let out a gentle sigh.

I stroked his fur.

note: Petting your dog is actually healthy.  As mammals we have a chemical called Oxytocin which is a feel good hormone that releases dopamine.  When you cuddle or snuggle up next to someone (must be a mammal) this natural love potion is released.  

I didn’t know that dogs could do this:  That night my dog was feeling exceptionally emotional as we drifted off to sleep.


I was not alone either.  As I jumped from one dream to the next my little four legged companion was there the whole time wagging his tail.  I’ve never had any dream character follow me around so assiduously.  Usually as one dream fades into the next the people or characters dissolve and give way to the next dream.

Not in this case; everywhere I went in my dream state he was next to me poking around.

Then slowly, at the same time, as he began to fade away in my dream I was awoken the next moment by him licking my face frantically.

He woke up in my dream at the same time he woke up in reality.  

Thus I draw my Conclusion:

Dogs can induce in their owners a shared dream state whereby the dog and the owner mentally cohabitate the same dream.

This is completely normal to dogs. When pet owners and pets begin to resonate on the same mental level a certain mental ability dogs possess is triggered.  This causes a psychic explosion on the part of the dog which extends to the other which they are affectionate towards.

Disclaimer: I back this up with no scientific evidence whatsoever

5 thoughts on “Dog’s Have the Ability to Share Dreams : The Strange Case of Doggie Inception

  1. I can see that happening completely. No scientific validation needed. I have two cats, one is a kitten, and they’ve become incredibly close in about a one month period. I wonder if they share dreams with each other. They literally sleep in each other’s laps, laying over each other. The older cat cleans the younger one like she’s here mother, but she’s not a biological mother. Seeing how close they sleep and how much time the spend together, it’s nice to think that they also share dreams with each other.

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Oscar Hokeah


    • hahaha Thanks Oscar. I wouldn’t be surprised if mammals had sort of a psychic ability that we didn’t. I mean there are so many animals that out do us biologically. Your cats can probably see better in the dark than either of us and my dog has a sense of smell that just blows mine out of the water. So why wouldn’t their capabilities move into the mental dimension as well. Maybe it’s possible maybe I’m just crazy, I dunno, it’s a cute story. I’m glad you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree completely. I do believe they have some sort of psychic way of communicating with each other. Animals have instincts that we either have never had or lost some time ago. They are extraordinary.

        Oscar Hokeah


  2. My chiuawawa Buddy, 2 times now reacts when i have nightmares, almost as if we are having the exact same dream, last night I had a desire due to a negitive energy that entered me, as I was sleeping i was all of a sudden hit with a crippling, seizing type fit where i visioned a face poppi g up, my body tensed up 2 times with a big wind up and down, Buddy, at the exact moments 5he energy was bursting through me growled in his sleep, both times exactly lining up with the energy bursts, i know he can see and feel the energy, dogs are amazing, also, he is not a service dog, but as the negitive energy(demon that attached to me) burster through me he imideatly came to me and started liking missing and rubbing his body on me, waking me up, he knew I was being attacked and wanted to help, dogs are a blessing to us all.


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