The United Slaves of America Presented by the Freaks of Nature

Open up your brains for this one…

Here are the “facts.”

Most of a persons education is purely theoretic.  After High School and College millions find that the only real practical skill they seemed to have  acquired during that time was learning to comply with the strict expectations of an institution.  It is easy to see how years of this sort of conditioning translates in the real world.  That’s why everybody is scrambling to find themselves a rich man to give them a job.  After education they are thrown into society to fend for themselves.  It’s scary not having a big institutional father figure to tell you what to do anymore.  What most of them find out is that it’s a dog eat dog world out there.  They want the comfort that the warm brace of a corporate job allows them.  That’s a “fact.”

This video is about those masses that have been forced to sell their labor in order to subsist.  Freedom is their only illusion that keeps the wheels in motion and obscures the reality that they are savagely oppressed by bosses, managers, team members, CEO’s etc. The only freedom that they really have is the freedom to choose the manner of their oppression.  That’s a “fact.”

To further reinforce our arguments we scrounged up an educational film.  You won’t find anything that contradicts our point of view.  We don’t like to use anything the defies our opinions.  In fact our point of view itself can be referenced as “fact.”  I am referencing it right now.  It’s a “fact.”  I just like saying fact.

fact, fact, fact, fact fact, fact, fact, fact, fact.

So every Friday expect a new morsel of this wonderfully constructed propaganda.  It’ll discourage that critical thinking that your brain tends to do and keep your neuro waves transmitting that static ghost noise. Don’t think, just let us do the thinking for you. Remember, We are posting these amazing new video on our glorious Youtube Channel The Freaks of Nature. Remember  to hit that subscribe button… or else.


Dr. X

Dr. X

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