I Need to be Creative Everyday: Creativity is Bending Matter to your Will

After childhood the days of my life seem to just slip by.  A year is behind me, lost to foreverness.  Yet looking on that memory feels as if I’m looking in on something that happened only a few weeks ago. A year feels like such a short amount of time. “Things will only go by faster,” my father tells me and I feel that he is right. To me the reality of adulthood was like having a rug pulled out from under me.  I fought against it, I wanted to hold on to my fleeting youth, I wanted to hold on to my freedom.  Yet fate lead me down the path so many venture of necessity.  We all need to eat so many of us abandon our dreams for the security of a day job.

For a long time I was spending my days doing the same monotonous work like a rat caught in some infernal wheel.   I used to dream of venturing to far off lands and being an adventurer.  That seemed like such an impossibility with the responsibility I’d taken upon my shoulders. Sometimes I feel that the world has lost its capacity to bewilder me as it used to.  Now I have to focus on my career and I’ve discovered there’ll be no more dreaming…for a while at least.

 I discovered that I love work!

After a long winter break I returned to my job feeling completely rejuvenated.  I seemed to work with laser precision, fixing my capacity to push myself into the facet of my job.  I handled calls like a pro, I was filing paperwork lightning fast and I became a master multitasker.  As a result I began to see an improvement in the way that I was working at home on my artistic entrepreneurial venture.  I even made some money in sales on the things that I had put into stores.

I decided that the positive energy that I was now feeding into my job was spilling off into my entrepreneurial pursuit. As a result I would give myself totally to whatever I was doing.  I would strive to be the best at what I did even if it was emptying trash cans.  I would treat every day as a learning experience.  If I only make 1% of an improvement then, over time, I could eventually make a 100% turn around.  Now when I go home to my “2nd job” I am able to finish a project to it’s completion in record time and move on to the next task.

I need to be creative everyday

I heard a statistic the other day that said somewhere around 80% of people feel unfulfilled by the job that they are working at.   I feel like this is because they don’t see the benefit of mastering a skill.  They simply see a job as a means to earn a living.  For me my work gives my life meaning and sustains me spiritually.  Eventually I will break free from the typical 9 to 5 and I will be an artist.  This is because I will out work my competition.  It’s like if a sea monster were holding me under water, if my will to fight for the surface is stronger than his will to hold me down, because my energy output is stronger then his, I will get to the surface.


Ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas

I keep a book on me at all times where I can record my ideas. On my iphone there is a notes section that I have just filled to capacity with ideas that come to me in the moment.  When there is a free moment I will jot my idea down into the notebook to solidify it.  Then I forget it and move on to the next thing.  When I am feeling empty of ideas I simply go to my book and I pull out an idea.  From there I begin to work on it.  This way I never let any idea, no matter how small, go to waste.

Setting Goals

In my book I also have a list of goals that I am to achieve.  I have short term goals, like hitting the gym, and I also have big goals, like making 100 million dollars.  You see everyday I find something that needs to get done which will lead up to those big goals and I sit down and I do it.  I don’t go to sleep until it’s finished.  Last night I went to bed at 2 a.m. Because I was working on a painting.

Tomorrow I am going to post my weekly, “Freaks of Nature blog” and I have no idea what I am going to do to be honest.  I guarantee that tomorrow something will be up and it will be amazing because I am giving myself 100% to my work. I feel so much power now that I am constantly working to create.  Creating is so powerful because you are literally bending matter to serve your will.

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