Portrait of an Artist: Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons


Objects are merely metaphors for people.  It isn’t about the object itself but how it is received and accepted by others which counts.  In this way the art of Jeff Koons is communal since he strives to be an effective and clear communicator. To him there is a moral responsibility that comes with being an artist.


  •     Art should embody a spiritual nature.
  • You should strive to make your art as powerful as possible
  • Artists should embrace all tools of Art
  • Focus on what you are interested in
  • Tap into the reservoir of cultural history and personal history.  Dive into that and push history forward.
  • Know how to be self-reliant and make money with your art.

Art Analysis: 


Bear Policeman from the banality series.

This piece is an expression for how authority can be outgrown.  The whistle takes on a new meaning as the bear now holds he power to use it.  There is also a double meaning in the whistle because of the nature of it’s use it becomes almost sexualized in the process. 

As artists we must take responsibility to create art which not only brings people together but also pushes history forward.  Jeff Koons’ public works require support of the community.   To him art is how he interacts with people however he has stated, “If your in the public eye long enough they will eventually burn you.”

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