This series was called “Bureau” because there were very specific conditions which needed to be in place during its creation. 

  These conditions were:

  • That each piece be assembled during business hours at an ordinary job
  •  Second that each object be created entirely from items found in a typical office

    I decided to pursue this series because, like most Americans in the middle class, I found myself in a cycle of conventional wage employment unable to escape in order to actualize my own life.  My identity was consistently being haunted by the specter of corporate management due to the fact that my actions were daily under their external control.   For eight hours a day I observed the object of my body  as an appendage of the corporation. Everything that I produced was the private ownership of the other.  I had for once experienced a form of soft slavery.  This alienation from the product of my labor caused me to realize that in order to actualize I had to re-establish a new identity the subject of which could not be this corporate entity. That is how I began this body of work. 

   I am including a few pieces which are actual invoices from the company I work at.  I shredded them and reassembled them.  This is an index of rebirth. It is meant to be the shedding off of the corporate image.  It is, instead, employee as the subject and not the object.  Another piece which I have included is the joining together of my own blood onto a real paycheck stub.  This exposure of my personal information is shared together with the exposure of the veins from my body.  Blood alone turns the wheels of history and this is shown through not only the exposure of the contents of my veins but the contents of my personal information.   The paycheck stub is also a symbol of  an event or experience.  Since the paycheck is only an object to represent metaphysical sequence of memories the personal blood that splatters on the face of the paper is the coming together of that material world and the metaphysical dimensions of memory.   

   These images are important because they not only reflect a deep personal history but because they are also a part of the history of the American working class.

Fracture 1 Put Through a Paper Shredder Fracture 2 Put Through a Paper Shredder Fracture hand 1 Master Master:Slave Dialectic The Nest

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