Bloody Indigo, Raw Fade, Denim Black Magic

a-beginners-guide-to-raw-denim-3 (1) 2

I wear the same pants every single day. I have not washed said pair of pants in 2 months.


There can be only one answer.

Raw Denim (or dry denim)

A strange craze within the fashion community, there is a subclass within a subclass within a subclass of men who are obsessed with Jeans. I would say, in fact, that these individuals are “connoseurs” of the material. I got the bug back in December when I started to learn about a community of men who never wash their jeans.
I was conflicted by the idea because it sounded so disgusting. But when I googled further the oracle of the internet I was keen to discover that these men were like magicians of pants or pants mages.

In a truly ritualized and cultic fashion men all over the glob are buying jeans with the intent of cultivating them like some relic possessed with the spirit of ancestors.   Perhaps you could compare it to the aging of like a fine wine.  Either way these men seek to achieving the divine state of the perfect pair of jeans. .

Why Raw?
Most Jeans go through a washing and curing process which “artificially” gives them that defined jeany look.  Raw Denim skips this process and goes straight to market which is why raw denim (or dry denim) has sort of a paper hard feeling to it when you first slip them on.

    Raw Denim Black Magic:

1. Get yourself the right pair of Denim: You could buy yourself J-brand, Nudie, Levi or even Lucky for all I care. Never the less most places don’t really sell the stuff anyway because it’s so niche. More than likely you’ll have to go online to find the pair your looking for.

* Know your fit and make sure you buy about a size smaller just because it is going to stretch as you wear it. The point of this whole venture is to temper your jeans to the natural contours of your own body, mold them into a pair of second skin original to your unique exquisite physique.

2. Be Patient and Wear Consistently: As your jeans evolve they begin to take on their own personality. They slow-cook and fade to that perfect texture that is only unique to your body, it is your own personal thumbprint upon your pantalons. Cherish the magic of this process and revel in the beauty as you stand back and behold the perfection of the fade against your body.

3. First Wash: After about 6 month of your monk like fanatacism and devotion to your pants you will find that they are ready for their first wash.  The best thing to do, I find, is to put some Woolite into a bath tub and just soak your jeans inside out for about 15-20 minutes.  Once your done hang dry.

*After the first wash it is more acceptable to adjust the washing time of your jeans to about every 3 months or so.

Watch over the years as you breathe life into your pants.  This is a form of shamanism, a black magic if you will.  After you see the perfection in Jean artistry you will find that no such ecstasy (not even sexual) can be obtained in comparison with achieving “that perfect pair of jeans.”

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