Project of a Cynic or Diogenyes: An Art Installation


I am going to call this art piece “The Project of a Cynic.”

This installation is a block of solid white marble which stands, roughly, ten feet tall. It is a slim and rectangular piece of stone. At it’s base is a Rottweiler which is tethered to a chain.  This dog will be trained to attack anyone who chooses to venture too close to the parameter.  It will give off the effect that the dog is actually protecting the solid white marble block itself. In this way the only way which spectators would be able to view this installation would be by standing away from the art piece itself, at a safe distance (as not to be mauled by the attack dog).  Or if they do wish to approach the stone they will be attacked by the dog.

This vision of a placid, bewildering obelisk jutting up from the ground is meant to suggest an incomprehensible purity.  The marble shall be polished so that it off of its face it reflects the sun, the spectators and appears to glow and sparkle in the daylight.  I want it to have this deep theological omni-benevolent presence to it.  It is meant to stand for the self.  That incomprehensible being that we strongly associate with.

Tethered to this beautiful fascinating stone will be a blood thirsty dog.  By bringing these two dimensions together they compliment each other in a metaphor of cynicism.  How we have to vehemently protect the integrity of this inner being we’ve polished to be an ideal for the world.  An ideal we expect all other things to live up to at which we will protect at any cost necessary. The dog represents the lengths at which people will go to protect their ego.

Of course there will be a trainer on site and the dogs will be switched out ever hour or two to comply with any animal rights laws.

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