Go Fund A Comic Book For San Diego Mythology

I have always been fascinated with how stories affect a culture.  A lot of wholesome cultural information can be learned through story telling.  It tells us what to value and it gives us ideas of how to live our lives.  Even stories as simple as comic books impress a people with a sense of value.
I lived in San Diego my whole life and I wanted to give back to the community in the only way I knew how.  Through my art.  So I sought out to create my own mythology for my home town of San Diego and the results were these tiny comic books I hand drew with pen and ink.
When I started making these tiny comics I wanted to impress a sort of morality into them like Aesops fairy tales.  This has been no easy task seeing as I am primarily a visual artist and had to force story telling.  Yet I have been working hard at making these as narratives as interesting as possible. It has been no easy task yet I have been getting a lot of positive feedback.
I first started out printing a few and leaving them (in the little box featured) at coffee shops, comic books stores, pop art galleries etc.  When I came back a week later they were all gone and people wanted more.  Because of their extreme popularity I could not keep up with the demand for them.
It took so much time just folding them and printing them that I was losing time and money and could no longer give them out for free.  So now I’m reaching out to those who are interested in funding my magazines so I can continue to produce them for my community and keep up with the high demand.



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