Gelitin & The Giant Pink Stuffed Rabbit

If your hiking the hills of Northern Italy there is a chance you may come across a giant stuffed rabbit. If your no where near Italy you can always check this thing out on Google Earth.  It’s massive.

gelitin-pink-giant-rabbit-colletto-fava-italy-woe5 2.

a-giant-pink-bunny-on-its-back-in-italy 2gelitin-pink-giant-rabbit-colletto-fava-italy-woe7

So why is there a gigantic easter effigy adorning the hills of the Italian countryside?

It’s very simple.

He is the creation of an art collective known as Gelitin.  Gelitin was started back in 1978 and includes the artists: Ali Janka, Florian Reither, Tobias Urban and Wolfgang Gantner.

Their art is often elaborate and provocative. Seriously these guys are the art world equivalent of a rock band.  Their exploits are outlandish and extreme.  One of their art pieces included a font based on photos of their own excrement. 

Gelitin 2

In another piece which could be considered an extreme homage to Claude Levi Strauss’ “bricoleur” the artists did a piece called Tantamounter. At first what appeared to be nothing more than an oversized crate actually contained the artists within.  Inside was a bunch of materials such as crafts and art supplies.  In this way the box functioned as an over glorified xerox machine whereby patrons could insert an object and a some time later out comes an artful replica. Not always did these copies exactly resemble the things but instead were hammed up (artistic) versions made with whatever supplies were available to the artists within the box.

tantamounter3_700 2


At New Yorks Green Naftali Gallery Gelitin again revisited this form of on site art making in Blind Sculpture. Here the artists worked completely blindfolded for 8 afternoons on an art piece  none of them got to see before its completion.  They thus relied on help from the spectators and various helpers.  You see this was groundbreaking did it subvert the performance of making visual art by making vision a secondary component and it also called into question about designation of authorship by including the spectators into the decision making of the  piece.

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