The Soundsuits of Nick Cave: A Look at Shaman Art

The Shamanistic suits of Nick Cave have a tribalistic aura about them.  Although he produces this ornate attire as static pieces for art exhibitions it is not seldom that he uses them in kinetic dance-like performances.

cavesoundsuit_800 2 They are psychedelic and vivid completely covering the wearer to the point of total disguise.  These suits are meant to conceal the sex and race of the individual behind a multitude of color and movement.

The noisiness of his frenetic art pieces are meant to parallel the tumult of the modern age and the chaos in everyday life.  His art is hinting to a deeper more esoteric world of ritual and magic within reality. He calls these pieces of art “soundsuits” and he puts them together using found materials such as buttons, beads, sequins, socks, lint, dyed hair etc.

” I want to get the suits back to a place where we dream,” he says, “Hopefully I’m able to jumpstart that. Am I doing it?”


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