Chinese Zodiac


The Dog:

IMG_4630Acrylic spray paint on wooden wall 6X10 ft

IMG_4707  pen and Ink on paper 8X11 inch

The Rooster: 

IMG_5063 Acrylic spray paint on wooden panel 6x10ft

IMG_5064 (1) pen and ink on paper 8X11 inch

The Tiger:

IMG_5077 Acrylic spray paint on wooden panel 6x10ft

IMG_5149 pen and ink on paper 8X11 inch

The Snake:

IMG_5178 Acrylic Spray Paint on Wooden Panel 6×10 ft

IMG_5207 Pen and Ink on paper 8×11 inch

The Rabbit:

IMG_5283 Acrylic Spray Paint on on wooden panels 6×10 ft

IMG_5265 Pen and Ink on paper 8X11 inch

The Ox

IMG_5540 Acrylic Spray paint on woode

IMG_5555   Pen and Ink with Prisma Pencil on 8×11

The Monkey

IMG_6399Acrylic Spray paint on wooden Board

IMG_6414Pen and Ink with Prisma Color 8×11

The Pig




Democracy and capitalism have gone through a divorce!  Socialism is a free market super power as China becomes the second largest economy in the world. This phenomenon heralds in the new cultural shift of a theoretic new order of “capitalism with oriental values.”  Modern Philosophers like Slavoj Zizek and Francis Fukuyama theorize that this authoritarian reorginzation of society is an impending certainty that ameliorate the problems inherent within the capitalist system.

I chose the Chinese Zodiac to represent this shift. In Confuscian principles, as in Platonism, a ruler should lead according to the interests of the ruled. As such the Han Dynasty of the second century B.C. adopted these principles and thus, through a strong authoritarian central beuracracy, required their emperors an army of advisors to teach and instruct him on how best to rule; one of these advisors being a court astrologist.

I will take part in this new zeitgeist by painting the murals of the Zodiac across the globe.   As an American painter I play the catalyst of Eastern and Western coming together to intermingle cultural symbology.

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