Market Capitalism is the imminent economic power today.  Nearly all of the worlds nations have adopted a capitalistic economic system.  We are in a society where we not ranked by whether we are of noble birth or not but by how much money we have.  Our worth is measured in dollars and cents.


It is by our choice alone whether to give to the world our value to the world in the form of our own personal ability & we can exchange that value for currency by competing in the free market. Our social value can be measured by the amount of currency that the market decides to allocate to our personhood. Those that can bring the most value to the market get more resources, more influence and more status. There is nobility in ability. Human civilization has always been a history of stratification (class systems). Every civilization that tried to implement egalitarianism on a massive scale failed.  We will always be forced to follow a chain of command.  

the argonauts of big business can implement their visions in a way that completely and radically transforms the landscape of humanity. If by bringing a product to the market for mass consumption you bring only the best parts of yourself you If you can implement your vision mankind moves forward by the society, they can best inspire the culture to waves of change that come through the vision of enterprise through entrepreneurship. Where once there were Lords and Knights over fiefdoms there are today CEO’s and Chairman’s of the board voer fortune 500 companies. There is nobility in ability, & I can’t think of anymore more deserving of those things than you dude. It permeates every facet of our daily lives from the cloehts we wear to the food we eat, to the schools we send our children into.  We prepare our entire lives to meet the market on its own terms.  Most of us are at the mercy to those who own the means of production while a select few live in royal comfort and freedom.  By the grace fervent their fortunes may be built.  Today I present what I call “The Hovsepian Meritocracy” a system of representational images to delineate the heraldic order of big business, to instill the chivalric code of an philosophically ethical market system & to promote the virtues that capitalism should be instilled with.  That is that those who have accumulated wealth need to reinvest the bulk of their money back into the market, back into people.  To throw off their lives of luxury for a more stoic, monastic approach to capitalist venture.  Not as consumers or producers in a market but monks approaching a monastery.  That we are all subject to the immortal market whether we all engage the market against our conscious decisions.



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