Using Language in Art

Language itself appears in two forms: the spoken form and the written form.  To utilize words in an art piece actually helps to accentuate  central ideas.  Artists employ a variety of linguistic tools in their repertoire.  Some artists use semiotics which tests the visual representation against the thing which is meant to be signified.

Semiotics: the study of symbols and their meanings.

Words are powerful tools for the visual artist.  Using words can articulate complex ideas and embody abstractions to supply cognitive content to the viewer.  Sometimes artists even use words to decode the structure of language itself.

Blah, Blah, Blah, painting by Mel Bochner

The words or “signs” denote a meaning which is not explicit. Although words mean something different to someone who understands the language the artist uses words in a totally alien context almost rendering them foreign.

Take for instance this art piece by Jean Michel Basquiat.  He writes a word down and then he crosses it out.  This could be said to give the word even more importance for its intentional omission. Their omission gives them new meaning and importance in the context of the image.  titian 2

When you put words in an art piece you can articulate complex ideas and embody abstractions that may lie dormant.  This is because the words themselves supply the cognitive context which causes the viewer to pay attention for longer.


Yung Hurn Music Video


All my videos are entitled with pre-existing trending Youtube content.  Don’t try to read into this video. There is nothing in this video; This video is about nothing.  It’s the music of a German pop culture icon  (Yung-Hurn) as I repackage the lyrics in a song-spoken dull, melancholonic monotone.   These words in black-background/white-font filled flashing on screen describes some sort of “They live” style propaganda-like messages.  I am wearing jewelry that represents the kind of high end luxury fashion that I am into nowadays.  There is nothing deep and meaningful about this video.  I am just trying to get famous on youtube.

A Video Memorial for Avicii


Whenever a young person passes it is always looked upon with the reverent empathy we cherish for the preciousness of not only life but youth as well.  I decided to epitomize a somewhat drowsy melodic “repetive” track thumping in the background to these jittery, scribbles that are blurring the darkness, like when you rub your eyes and stare into the space of your eyelids hinter side.

R.I.P Avicci Disk Drill Scam




Why I have to wait a few weeks to upload another video to youtube.

Disk Drill

So I had a crash a few days back and went into panic mode.  I didn’t have time to do a backup &  searched online for a few products that would allow me “recover” unbacked up files.

I found a few, they all offered the same thing, a quasi “trial period” whereby you get to see a list of the files that could possibly be recovered but you don’t get to actually view them.

A little queasy at just losing the bulk of my files I went with the one called Disk Drill at  I think they should reconsider their name and rename their business

Their trial period was the same as all the others.  Look here at this nice pretty list of “recoverable” (remember the quotations marks) files and when you upgrade to pro we gonna make you all happy.  Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 1.12.29 PM.png

So begrudgingly I applied for pro, seeing as the files I had lost (if they were recoverable at all) was worth paying for the service.


So I ponied up the extraordinary price and set to recovering.  As soon  as I let the software “recover” my video files I found that the files were ENTIRELY unusable.  Some of the footage was completely static, grainy, stock public domainy images or flat out just blackened out.  COMPLETELY unusable.

claim.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.49.52 AM.png 

So naturally like any healthy consumer I wanted a refund.  I go to their customer support and they don’t offer refunds.  He asks me “why didn’t you just use the 30 day trial” and now exhausted  I mean…. there literally was NO 30 day trial, you upload the program and then its on your computer but it doesn’t do anything whatsoever, just floats around in the background like some useless organ.  You can’t even test it until you buy the PRO version.

So he says “we offer an exception to the return policy, show us a video of the unrecovered files and we’ll return your money.”
So now I puckered up, I knew 100% I had a case, the files didn’t work, the recovery was a failure/waste of time and now I had a chance to show them I was really in turmoil and not just a lowly scrooge trying to snake them out of a buck.  Easy, Beazy Lemon Squeezy, right?  So I made a video of myself going into the files and showing the failed files and then clicked send.  I get an email back a few hours later, from John….”Uhhhh….no that’s not what I meant no refund.”

How did the goal change all of a sudden?  When your playing soccer you don’t move the posts just so your opposing team misses the shot?  And that’s what they did to me god dammit!!!

So sorry to everybody that I can’t upload my videos, I lost the files without backing up..Stupid, stupid, stupid.

But in an attempt to get them back I made another foolish mistake and trusted these clever scammers down at or as I like to call them

So once again  steer clear of these Sadistic Scammers.

Cultural Representations of Femininity

The way women are portrayed, according to the dominant ideology, is as objects of control “under a dominant (patriarchal) gaze.”  These representations of women through mannequins, Barbie dolls, Supermodels, porn stars etc. take what is essentially a cultural element and make it a universal claim about femininity.  I would say false consciousness that develops as a result to these varying representations would cause us to repress the inherent contradictory nature between what we experience and our indoctrination into this symbolic order.  Now Im not as well read in psychoanalysis but maybe that is what leads to the many maladaptation in modern populations of women for example eating disorders, cosmetic augmentation addiction, body image neurosis etc. but I’m not sure.
   Anyway no art is without ideology.  texts compete to dominate with their own worldviews.  Mass produced texts create a world view that makes us feel inadequate then offers us the object of our adequacy in mass marketed goods.  But these commodities are paradoxical in that the market retroactively posits its own cause to continue the cycle of consumerism. So the way to change how women are represented is for female/male artists to create texts (like your video) that criticize the ruling ideology breaking through our false consciousnesses…….Of course liberated from commercial or market interests.
…….  But the crux is that once this new female representation is the new dominant ideology, the base/structure will still determine how these elements are interwoven into the fabric of Multinational capitalism. God be damned that I can say 100% Marxist certainty that the  ruling class will find some way to articulate it for their own benefit…like with rock and roll or even with Communist anti-capitalism texts: available on amazon for €14,59. 😉

“Commodity Suicide” A Series

I have since been studying the decay of capitalism in modern society.  The dialectic of commodity and how it moves from the evangelical to the excremental.  How consumerism has become a kind of duty.  How we are prosletized to by the market through immense visual stimulation in the form of advertisement.  This series is the product of my study of consumerist society.

Fur die letzte jahr habe ich der zerfall der capitalisumus ins zeitgenossichegesellschaft studiert.  Die Dialektik der Ware macht heilig und es macht scheisse.  Wie consumerismus ein heilge pflicht geworden. Wir sind durch die markt missionert zu.  Mein Serie is der product meine studium von Konsumerentierenkultur.


Make Art Make Money

So if you don’t know me let me fill you in on what I do in my spare time.  I read about 5 books a month.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to listen to books on tape.  I get all of my books on tape through audible.  It’s a good way to catch up on your reading while your getting paper work done or doing housework.

Anyway the book that I read this month was a book about Jim Henson called “Make Money Make Art.”  It’s kind of an esoteric title so let me explain this process.  Since most artists go scarcely unknown throughout their career, i.e. Vincent Van Gogh, Vivien Meier etc.  Artists are more or less kept in the dark from the public eye.  The artists that DO find a way to turn a profit on their art may actually defeat their art by letting the powers of commercialism overtake it and run with it to the extreme.  Jim Henson found a way to make his art while still retaining the highest artistic.

Being poor and making art is just a part of the process. Some people get stuck in it and never get out.  However eventually for those artists with a sense of entrepreneurship they can get their artworks to make money.  It goes in this formula:

Make art- Here you make art simply for arts sake.  You cannot turn a profit on it however you are just focusing on the quality of the art itself.  Making it fantastic, so good in fact that eventually nobody can afford to ignore you.

Make art make money:  Here your art begins to make money.  You may be forced to religated yourself to doing commercial work like Jim Henson did.  However eventually he used the money he made from commercials to fund his other ventures which brings us to the next and final part.

Make money make art: Most of Hensons’ productions were refined to a very fine quality.  He often put

In this book you learn entrepreneurship and how to manage a collective of artists while still getting the best work out of them.  I totally dug on this book and I think it is a great resource to artists.  Jim Henson was a total hippie.

makeartmakemoney_jimhenson 2