At the age of 17 I had nervous breakdown at the restaurant that I worked at.  I smashed a window and told my supervisor that she needed to get fucked because she was a dried up old cunt.

This was a problem for management, because despite my insubordination they couldn’t fire the best god damn waiter they’d ever had. I was the only employee who could hold down three sections at a time and keep the regulars throwing money our way.  All management could do was slap me with a 1 week suspension. When I told them I quit the owner called me and begged me to stay.

When anyone puts work in front of me I do it with 100% passion.  I’m invaluable to any company I work at.  I put my life into my work.  Yet I was way too blinded to see my way out of this corporate slavery.  I was born to two middle class parents who always told me that the job system was the only way to etch out a living in this meager existence. It was a case of the blind leading the blind.

Since my first job I’ve always been trying to escape.  When I was hired at Sony I immediately went about drafting a list of employee demands and rallied my comrades to sign it.  Management fired me immediately thereafter.

At the age of 21 I started going to a ratty bar owned by a local biker gang.  The owner was a superstitious schizophrenic who hung voodoo dead cats and Santeria crucifixes around his bar. I was so inspired by the power of these hideous objects that I began making my own and selling them to local apothecary and Botanica shops in the area.  I became obsessed with how I could create a monetary value by simply manipulating the quality of these material objects. I didn’t know that what I was doing was a form of commodity fetishism.  I felt like an alchemist turning common metals into gold. I thus became a capitalist artist.

Through art I was able to break free from the mundane middle class wage slavery. Art liberated me. I use my art to set up the same employee/employer dialectic; I instill my art with my own subjective will and thus force spectators to be the objects of my consciousness.  In the fashion of artists like Joseph Feodorov, Joseph Bueys and Alan Moore I became a magician.My art explores the mysticism and spirituality inherent within modern culture. I practice my art from the notion that the artist is the closest thing to a shaman in contemporary society.  The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths.

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